Terms and Conditions


We only hold your data on file for our own records as this is the law with regard to gas safety inspections and to facilitate our automatic reminder for the next years inspection. Your details are not shared with any third party. The submission of the Booking Form indicate that you accept this.

Rates quoted are for inspections completed during our normal working hours (8.00 - 16.00) Monday to Friday. Inspections requested outside these hours will cost more.

We only do domestic gas safety inspections, not commercial, catering nor warm air systems.

We ONLY provide electronic certificates which are sent to the email address provided on the booking form or others indicated on the further information box. It is a well tested. proven and compliant system. It is the landlords responsibility to forward a copy to the tenant or vice versa or one is requested by the tenant during the visit. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that they have access to an adequate device in order to receive the report. Please DO NOT book our service if you haven't access to an adequate device as you will not receive a refund.

For more than one booking inquiry a separate booking must be made for each property.

Installations with more than one boiler will cost extra.

Back boilers with fire fronts cost more as a lot more work is involved. Please contact for prices.  

It is the landlords responsibility to ensure that the tenant will be present at the property on the day and time slot agreed. If the tenant is not present and access cant be gained to carry out the inspection the landlord will forfeit any monies paid. We only organise inspections directly with the tenant once and it is specifically requested at time of booking by indicating such in the further information box on the booking form.If the invoice hasn't been paid to complete the booking and a new timeslot is required it is the landlords responsibility to insure the the tenant is present for the new timeslot

If incorrect details are provided by the landlord and an appointment has been made and no one is present any monies will be forfeited.

All our inspections are prepaid and no appointment is complete until payment has been received. If an appointment is made directly between us and the tenant and the inspection hasn't been paid it is up to the landlord to inform the tenant. 

Customers must know where all their gas appliances and gas meter are located and must ensure that access and a clear pathway is made for the inspection of these and make sure all appliances are working.

Customers must make sure that the full length of the boiler flue can be inspected  and any boxing must be removed before we arrive. Compliant inspection hatches do not have to be removed.

If any inspection requires access to a loft or to a height of more that 2.4m an adequate loft ladder, steps or platform must be provided. Failure to do so may mean the inspection cannot be completed and an additional charge may be levied.

Any service of an appliance in areas with limited access ie cupboards and behind kitchen units may only be partially completed but no monies will be refunded. We do not remove kitchen units or cupboard doors etc to gain access. It is the customers responsibility to allow full access before we arrive.

Our bookings are in 2 hour slots. We can however give prior notification of our approximated ETA on the day of the inspection.

Reports are usually emailed immediately after the inspection is completed. However due to lack of 4g signal or technical problems this may not be possible.

Any retest will be carried out at the full rate unless remedial works are done by our engineer during the initial visit.

Any remedial or subsequent work carried out is guaranteed for 3 months.

If any problems arise due to our work because of using valves etc being old, haven't been used for a while or are faulty any repair is not our responsibility and any remedial work will be chargeable.

In the unlikely event that a problem occurs as a result of our workmanship we must be contacted immediately. We will not be held responsible if a different engineer attends the property first.

Appointment cancellation notice of 48 hours is required otherwise no refund will be issued.

If the customer does not make payment on receipt of invoice to complete the booking and the slot has been taken a refund will be issued. Customer must provide bank details to facilitate this.

All refunds will be issued within 14 days.

If our engineers arrive and cant gain access to property the customer is liable for the full amount that would have been charged. Waiting time is charged at £30 for every 30 mins.

Customers to make sure there is power and/or gas live at all appliances. Failure to do so may mean the inspection is not completed ( no refund) or an extra charge levied at the discretion of our engineers.

If the gas supply has been cut off by the service provider for any reason this must be stated in the further information section of the booking form. Failure to do so may mean no inspection may take place and any payment made will not be refunded.  

Customers are charged the amount for the number of appliances stated at time of booking. For our gas safety reports all appliances at the property must be inspected. If this is not acceptable a refund will be issued. Only the appliances indicated on the booking form will be inspected. If you fail to make a booking througn the form or fail to indicate on the form the appliances present it will be assumed that you have 2 gas appliances a boiler and hob/cooker.

Customers to provide parking facilities or will be liable for any parking fees.

Because of traffic, parking etc congestion charge zone inspections cost extra. If your post code is in the congestion charge zone please mention this at time of booking. 

Boiler Services are carried out to British Gas Standard indicated on the Gas Report that the appliance has been serviced and boiler service booklet filled in.  A more thorough service including heat exchanger cleaning with new seals if required and magnaclean cleansing  can be done at an axtra charge. If this is required it must be indicated at time of booking.

Services are only carried out on fully functioning boilers. If your appliance is not working properly please do not book a gas service as no monies will be refunded if we find it is not functioning properly. Please make sure your boiler is working properly before booking a service.

Any additional work carried out during a visit which has been agreed by the customer must be paid for in full before and gas reports are issued.

Collection and returning keys from agents is subject to a charge of £20. If the wrong keys are supplied by the agent a further £20 will be charged.

We will endeavour to arrive during the booking slot at all times but due to traffic and other unforeseen circumstances ie failed inspections where appliances may have to be disconnected this may not always be possible. In such cases the customer will be informed and given the option to wait any extra time or cancel the booking and receive a full refund. 

We do not carry out safety inspections on newly installed gas appliances which may have been fitted illegally by unregistered engineers. Any request to inspect such installations will be reported to the Gas Safe Registry who will investigate and may lead to criminal prosecution. If our engineers suspect it is a new installation they will request the benchmark report completed by the installer (in the boiler manual), a gas appliance installation certificate completed by the Gas Safe registered engineer or a copy of the Building Regulations Compliance Certificate. These should be on site. Failure to do so will mean that the gas inspection will not be completed for the said appliance and any monies paid will be forfeited.


To check if your new installation has been notified please click Here


All our inspection reports are just that, Reports. We put down what we see and what we deem to be safe and unsafe. It is entirely up to the recipient as to what he or she does with it. They should however be aware of the legal and safety consequences of their actions. We take gas safety very seriously reserve and the right to refuse an inspection if we do not feel comfortable with any situation.

Gas Safe Registration Number 196106

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